On writing compressed non-fiction

The latest in my publication news…

Earlier this month, a blurb I wrote about the process of writing compressed non-fiction (short shorts, micro non-fiction, flash non-fiction, whatever you want to call it) was printed on the Matter Press blog. Matter Press’s journal is a good read, as is the section where authors offer up their opinions on the genre. I am grateful to the editors for agreeing to publish my brief thoughts on the matter.

I there begin:

With a proper amount of irreverent humility, I charge that the task of the writer of compressed non-fiction is to answer, in as few words as possible, the question: ‘What is the meaning of life?’

HAH. Very funny, you say. Well, read on HERE to see how I back off that statement and then fully embrace it… with a little help from my favorite author, Virginia Woolf.

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