Reading, reading, reading… when I’d rather be writing.


OK, that’s not entirely true. I’m completely immersed in many wonderful, wonderful readings for classes. That does mean, however, that I’m not doing nearly as much writing–creatively, or otherwise (say, for instance, on this blog).

What’s a busy girl to do, amidst readings, term papers, PhD applications, conference paper drafting, and just about 9,000 other commitments? Take to GoodReads–to at least review the books I’ve read, for classes (Reading Lolita in Tehran, Alice in Wonderland…) and, well, in an excuse to be better prepared for classes (see: Lolita, Daisy Miller, Washington Square, etc.).

So, go to the right of the page.  Yup: —–>


My GoodReads tab. 

If you want to read about what I’m reading, or, put differently, what I’m writing about others’ writing, that’s where to look. I even linked it and stuff.

Be impressed. I am not normally this technologically advanced.

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