On time zones

As of this weekend, the impossible has occurred: almost every single one of my friends now lives in the same time zone! (Or will be coming to my time zone again, soon: yes, that’s you, Katie & Ben, and hopefully Ev!).

Why I Like This: It means that I can call them at any mutually convenient time, such as, say, not 5 in the morning (my time) so that it is mid-day for them. Or vice versa. How I admire my friends living in Russia who get on Skype at 6 a.m. just to keep a friendship alive. Skype, skype, skype!

Why I Dislike This: Let’s be honest. Meleah being 3 hours behind in Seattle (for the few weeks that she was there) was, at times, difficult to work around for both of us, but not that difficult to work around in some ways, given my night-owl habits. Now, if I call her at midnight, she will appropriately say: “Go away!” instead of answering with a cheerful 9 p.m. disposition.

Why This Matters: Because.

Not a good enough response?

OK, here: When you’re in the same time zone, you are within driving distance of someone. Now, do I want to drive to D.C. randomly? No. In fact, I used to hate driving. Looked forward to the day when, rich and famous, I could hire a chauffeur to drive me around. (Alternative option: get married, force husband to drive). As neither of those two options has as of yet panned out–and better yet, I’m not sure I want either of them to–I, as Meleah would say, pulled it together and figured out how to drive without freaking out. Let’s just say a jaunt from Ljubljana through the entirety of Croatia down to Montenegro–and then a solo trip from Venice back to Ljubljana, sans GPS  or maps–changed me. One minute I’m on the correct highway to Ljubljana, the next I’m in an Italian village. Keep driving long enough, listen to the awkward messages from the military base in Aviano telling husbands not to abuse their wives, and eventually you’ll end up in downtown Trieste, where you can find signs with arrows pointing toward Ljubljana. I learned the art of relaxing, not caring anymore, and just going with the flow on my driving adventures through the Balkans and Italy.

Why You Should Care What I Think About All This: If you are in my time zone, it is possible I could show up at your doorstep. So, HAH! Watch out. And send me gas money, or something.

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