How to Cure the Summer Blues

It’s August, and it’s almost time for school/college to start again. It’s hot as anything (well, at least it is in Texas…), and it’s that time of year where it takes a little extra something to make you smile. So, a guide to curing the summer blues:

1. Talk a walk along a river path in San Antonio, where you’ve flown to visit a friend.

It looks inviting, but HAH that’s just Texas fooling you. Nothing is inviting when it’s over 100 degrees outside. Move on–to the next suggestion.

2. Tell your friend to pose like a peacock.

Katie makes a very nice bird, yes? Foot=tail, arm=beak. No? No? You can’t see my vision? You doubt my future giving stage directions for awkward poses in photographs that serve no purpose?

3. Go to a cupcake cafe, eschew the cakes, and just eat a frosting shot.

In all fairness, this was before I dug in. Even with Katie’s help, I couldn’t finish half of this thing… toomuchsugarAHHH! Now, if it had been cream cheese frosting, we both agree we’d have fought to the death over it.

4. Watch a dog do ridiculous things.

Nothing is quite as cheery as a warm pup playing awkward games.

5. Go bowling.

Just don’t threaten to throw the ball at your photographer friend (even if she did make you pose like a peacock)… [Note to Katie: the lane is behind you!]
6. And sadly, return home on a (delayed) United flight. (Is there any other type of United flight?)

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