Like so, like so. And cats.

When you are asked to be the maid of honor and the best man in the wedding of two of your best friends, both of whom you’ve known since freshman year of college, what are you to do if you are a Todd and a Kristina?

First things first: a Kristina should move to Slovenia for a year, whereupon a Todd should visit her, meeting her in Budapest, Hungary.

Together, they should name a small dinosaur Parliament due to certain particular (repeated) exclamations (‘Hey, look! There’s Parliament! Right across the Danube!’).

In search of lost chai, they should then depart for Bratislava, Slovakia, where, it may be said (even a year later) that some of the best days were spent in Bratislava.

Not so for Brno, Czech Republic, though particular details of that adventure may be categorized as simply “cats.”

Eventually, after a train ride to Austria, they should dine at a quaint restaurant in Vienna on Valentine’s Day, after which they should, of course (and here we finally get to the point): walk up and down Vienna’s streets till past midnight, swapping their favorite stories about the couple to be married, and planning their speeches for the reception.

This is what a Todd and a Kristina must do before becoming best man and maid of honor in their best friends’ wedding; if you do not understand why this must occur, you do not understand life and may, indeed, be a cat.

What a Todd and a Kristina must do between the wedding ceremony in a church and the reception in a castle is both infinitely more and less complicated than the previous narrative.

They must:

Fear of heights: conquered (again).

Yes, that is correct.

They must ride a ferris wheel.

Like so:

And so:

However, don’t scratch your head wondering why, like so:

Simply accept that, for a Todd and a Kristina, any spare moment must be put to good use, even if they are in a tux and a floor-length gown, respectively:

After all, how many times do you spot a carnival in the limo on a way to a wedding?

The end.

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