‘Remembering the Reardon boys of Medway’

On Sunday, May 27, the Milford Daily News and MetroWest Daily News printed a letter to the editor I wrote, which reads as follows:

In 1942, the Milford Daily News ran an article on four of the five patriotic Reardon boys, of Medway: Ed, Bob, Bill, and Joe.

“Thanks to the four Reardon boys, Old Glory has been flowing from the pole on the little common across the street from their home since Pearl Harbor and there has not yet been one skip. Not only do these patriotic boys look after the flag, but they also look after the common and have almost worn out their dad’s lawnmower in keeping the grass down as a proper setting for the Stars and Stripes. In fact, many times the Reardon lawn would be skipped, but never the one where the flag is located.

“It was getting somewhat tattered a few weeks ago, but Eddie Reardon raised such a rumpus with town officials and others for a new one that the Veterans of Foreign Wars purchased another and now everything is cahoots again with this lad and he is happy.”

A few days ago, my father examined the flag hanging at the insurance agency that has been in the family for years. He was lowering it to half-staff in front of the office, a sign of respect for his father (my grandfather), Ed Reardon. The flag was getting tattered, he thought, and he needed a new one by Wednesday.

“Oh, Ted, no one will notice the flag,” someone told him.

But without having read this article, he seemed to know: Young Eddie Reardon, who would lose his oldest brother in the Battle of the Bulge and would serve in the Navy during World War II, who would later become Dad to three and then Poppa to fourteen… He would have raised a rumpus.

Ed was a good man, father, grandfather, and friend, and he is in a better place now, though it makes so many of us sad to have seen him go. After seeing the number of people who came to pay their respects Tuesday and Wednesday at his wake and funeral, however, I hope, as the Milford News reporter wrote in 1942, that everything is cahoots again with my Poppa, and that where he is now, he is happy.

A link to the original: http://www.milforddailynews.com/opinions/letters_to_the_editor/x1040014294/Reardon-Remembering-the-Reardon-boys-of-Medway

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