What I want most.

Video still of bunny café (© CNN / http://bit.ly/HLonJ5)

So many things to do in the next few weeks. So little time.

The only good news? On May5, it will all be finished :D The paper I still need to write, the last-minute class assignments, the exam I have to take, and all the student essays and final exam I have to grade… will all be out of my hands. It seems impossible to get to that point right now, but I know I’ll make it.

In the meantime, I’ll try not to get sick again (I’m a pro at that), and I’ll drink lots of chai to make it through.

What I could really use is what those Japanese girls have in the photo above: cups of tea and fluffy bunnies. Turns out cafes in Japan are serving up cups of tea and letting you cuddle with small rodents nowadays. I’m not sure what I actually think of this idea (poor little bunnies! too much handling, and what about the obvious sanitation issues?). However, in the abstract, it is my new favorite thing. Drinking chai! Cuddling with fluffy bunnies!

My one hope: maybe I’ll wander into Homer Babbidge Library sometime in late April/early May and see fluffy puppies wandering around. In December, some nice UConn administrators determined this would help lower student stress levels and had scheduled puppy appearances. *fingers crossed*

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