Can’t. Stop. Posting.

It’s spring break week. I’ve vowed to myself that I would do a number of things this week:

1. Write a blog post every day.

2. Write a piece of my new project every day. 500 words or less: flash fiction, if you will, or lyric non-fiction full of lies. (That is the only way to categorize 90% of my writing: fiction, or non-fiction full of lies. They are the same thing, no?)

3. Grade all 50 of those horrid mid-terms. I do not mean to say that the exam was horrid; in fact, I thin it was fair and balanced. I do not mean to say that the class is horrid; in fact, I like it a lot. Reading The Aeneid gave me a major break-through. I made my students translate a Catullus poem from Latin to English, which was great fun. (Bonus: re-directed their smart phone use toward classroom purposes by having them use wifi to access Latin-English dictionaries online). What was horrid was that there were 50 exams to grade, 80 points of which on each exam was essay-based. Ay. It just takes foreverrr.

4. Write my conference paper, due at the end of March.

5. Read a Spanish novel to get ahead.

6. Write my Spanish annotated bibliography and prepare my presentation for the Wednesday after break.

7. Go running with my sister.

8.  Finish translating the three Slovenian poems I was given to translate for an upcoming anthology of international poetry by survivors of the Dachau concentration camp.

9. Visit my grandparents.

10. Sleep.

So far, I have been a great success at numbers 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Bonuses: I’ve also planned a visit to my old office mates at UNH for tomorrow, which I’m really excited about, and completing #8 meant I got to talk to one of my best friends on Skype for 3 hours today. Success!

It’s just a shame I left all that paper writing and Spanish homework for the end of break… Full days ahead. I’ll start it all of by… going to bed.

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