Happy Updates

There are a few exciting things to mention today.

To start, Matt (who I talked about in my post on blogs I follow), posted the second installment of the story he’s serializing on his blog, so click here to check it out. I’m excited to see where this story goes in the coming weeks.

Secondly, the internet at my apartment apparently no longer works, so that means I will now live in the library at UConn more than ever. Wait, that’s not exciting. That’s… never mind, that’s exciting. I love libraries. They make me feel self-conscious for not working when I’m at them. Thus, more work gets done there than anywhere else in the universe. And when work gets done, I get happy.

Third, I found out today that World Literature Today would like to publish not only the Slovenian story of Lili Potpara’s that I submitted in September, but also a translation of a short story by Mexican author Carmen Boullosa. They will likely both come out in September 2012, in a special feature on flash fiction worldwide. This is very exciting news, as it’s the first print publication in which my translations will be featured, and because WLT is such a respected magazine.

And, finally, this is just a wisp of a hope right now, but there is a chance that two pieces of flash fiction I’ve had published in English may be published in translation (to Slovenian) in a literary journal in Ljubljana. Fingers crossed!

Good day all around!

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