Engaged 2012!

The cover of RI Monthly's 2012 Engaged magazine.
The cover of RI Monthly's 2012 Engaged magazine. Courtesy of rimonthly.com.

Not long ago, Rhode Island Monthly’s annual bridal publication, Engaged, was released for 2012. This is the fourth year in a row that I’ve written for the magazine (which used to be called RI Monthly Bride). I’ve done features on invitations, flowers, photography, and more–but this year’s articles were the most fun to write.

First, I got to interview a recent Rhode Island bride for the feature “You’re Engaged… Now What?” (page 17).  It was lovely to talk to some wedding planners and the very down-to-earth bride for advice for weddings.

Then there was the travel piece. After consulting with a local travel agent over tea in Warwick this past fall, she and I narrowed down 10 honeymoon destinations to write about. That took quite a bit of research, as I was told to craft the list based on potential personality types of couples, of which I created five. Then, I named one luxury option and one budget option for a honeymoon destination (page 116).

This is definitely some of the lighter writing I do, but it’s cool to see a byline in print–and to have this random reservoir of knowledge when it comes to all things bridal… No personal experiences there, and none upcoming, but when it seems like all my friends are getting engaged and married, it gives me something to add to the conversation. :)

You can buy Engaged at bookstores and wherever they sell magazines in Rhode Island and surrounding states, as well as online. Or, click here and read it online with the BlueToad application.

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