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I decided to re-organize (slightly) the tabs in my blog. I moved reviews into my non-fiction area to make room for a blogroll. Because I have so many great friends who are writing great blogs. This helps me have all their links in one place, so I can stalk follow them better.

But anyways, here’s a run-down:

In the travel area, I follow my former rooomate Meleah, who writes a blog about life in Russia, while always referencing her stints in Slovenia and Italy, and what it’s like to be an ex-pat two years running.

In terms of photography, no one is more dedicated than my friend Todd, who has been posting at least one photo a day for several years now. He started a 365 self-portrait challenge when we were in college, and the results were great: nice angles, interesting lighting, and some really humorous moments, too. Now he posts all kinds of different pictures, which are really worth checking out.

In the writing section, I’ve been following Mallary Tenore’s Word on the Street for a few years now. She is an editor at the Poynter Institute in Florida, which studies journalism. Up on all the trends I wish I knew more about, Mallary posts stories to Poynter’s web site and updates her blog with extra information about online trends, the superstar reporters she interviews, and personal essays. It’s been great to follow her writing career from our days as editors together on Providence College’s student newspaper, The Cowl.

Finally, I’ve been following some of my MFA friends as they set up or revive their blogs. I’m really excited to see where Matt Kingston’s serialized stories will go, and to hear more from Travis Taylor’s Middlebrow Milieu. The quality of the writing here makes the posts worth waiting for.

To finish it off, I’ve also been following fellow UConn grad student Katy Balma’s Tongue Rubble, which she so aptly labels a poetry portbloggio.

2 thoughts on “Following Blogs

    1. kristinareardon says:

      So, I know yours isn’t a blog in the same way that mine is, but it’s still worth following and is therefore on my blogroll :)

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