Draw a Dinosaur Day!

My submission to DADD 2012. Yes, I know that technically it's a sheep. However, I exclusively doodle sheep and flowers. And I labeled it a dinosaur, so it counts, right?

Today, Jan. 30, 2012, is the sixth time my good friend Todd has hosted Draw a Dinosaur Day. Bored in a college class, he started doodling dinosaurs, and pestered everyone he knew well enough to pester to do the same. After a humble start, year five saw an endorsement from PeeWee Herman and 350 dinos uploaded to Todd’s site. This year, he says he’s already gotten 795!

Some dinos are really well done–there are some true artists out there with a passion for drawing dinosaurs. Others are from completely artless wonders like me, and still others are made from pancakes. (Not kidding). In any case, you should totally support Todd and the dinosaur cause, and submit a dino for the official 2012 Draw a Dinosaur Day!

If you want to submit, or check out the other submissions, click here.

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