Ghosts are Schrodinger Cats

“They are coming,” nodded the cavalry soldier with concern. “The ghosts are coming in great numbers to the island, also through the tunnel under the English Channel…”

“Wait a second!” I exclaimed. “It’s not even finished!”

“And so what?” the cavalry soldier shrugged his shoulder armor, which had a pattern of terrifying shooting stars. “They are ghosts, aren’t they? Phantom ships, phantom planes, phantom train, in a phantom tunnel… everything matches up.”

“Nothing matches up!” Lady Lenore* screamed angrily. “Nothing at all! You haven’t even told him the most important part!” She threateningly brought the part of her that would, in other circumstances, have been her head close to my face. “Are you even aware,” she hissed angrily, “that our castle is haunted?”


*Lady Lenore is a headless ghost.

Thus begins (well, sort of) “Ghosts are Schrodinger Cats,” written by Slovenian author Maja Novak. It is the second one of my co-translations from my Fulbright year in Ljubljana to be published. On this story, I had the pleasure of working with Nina Dolgan. It is truly the most humorous story I worked on, though its core is serious and poignant.

I am very excited to say that this story was published yesterday as part of the December 2011 issue of Words Without Borders. Check out the whole text of the story here. And, of course, the whole December 2011 issue of the journal is fantastic–literally. It’s about the fantastic, and it features translations from Japanese, Serbian, French, Turkish, Urdu, Spanish, and Maltese.

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