When you be married?

The title of this blog post takes the form of a question that my Slovenian grandmother asks me frequently.

“Kristina, when you be married?”

The question comes in English; the criticism that follows comes in Slovenian.

“Ti si preveč izbirčna,” she laments. You’re too picky. 

This question becomes more intense as I get older. I’m writing a longer essay about the humorous moments these encounters have led to in conversations between my grandmother and me (and other members of my family), but I thought I’d share a couple of links to stories I’ve read recently that talk about this issue–and why being a bit izbirčna might not be so bad after all.

1. An October Modern Love entry from the New York Times by Sara Eckel says: “Sometimes, it’s not you.”

2. Joelle Captura, on the Huffington Post, talks about writing her book Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20s with an article entitled “Why Women in their 20s Get Hitched When They Should’ve Ditched.”


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