Self-imposed shopping ban

Today I made it official: I wrote about my self-imposed shopping ban as part of my newspaper column. No purchases of clothing or shoes for myself for six months. I’ll post my column here after it’s published next week–I speak slightly more eloquently about the reasons why than I did in my last post.

I’ve been on my self-imposed ban since the 30th of July. The next day, one of my best friends from Ljubljana came to visit me in the U.S. During that week, I went shopping with him to a number of stores, including the outlets–to which I had coupons. I know how to find bargains… quite well. In lieu of buying anything for myself, I settled for helping him make some purchases, since things are always cheaper in the US when it comes to clothes–never mind my awesome bargain/coupon hunting skills.

Then, I bought my sister a new pair of jeans from American Eagle for $15. Thus, I spent my first amount of money on clothes. But as I said before–they weren’t for me. In all fairness, since I’ve lost some weight since being in Ljubljana, none of my own jeans fit me, and so she gave me some of her old jeans, which no longer fit her since she lost some weight, too. So, I needed to offer her some kind of replacement. I did spent money, but I didn’t break my ban. And man, it was hard! There were so many cheap things that were really nice, things I liked… but I reminded myself of all those bags of clothes I donated, and of my ban, but I didn’t give in.

Next, I visited UConn for the second time ever, where I’ll be studying in just a few short weeks. There, I purchased UConn t-shirts for my mom, dad, sister, and brother–but none for myself.

Those are my only clothing purchases so far. I may be keeping my self-imposed shopping ban on a technicality, but I never said I wouldn’t buy things for others. Maybe the first step in shopping withdrawal is to stop shopping for myself… before I also stop shopping for others?

Either way, I’m happy that I’ve not acquired anything new thus far. Since I’ve posted on my blog and in my newspaper column about this, I feel inspired to keep my promise and not buy anything new for myself for six months.

More updates soon!

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