On summer weather.

It is officially starting to feel like summer. After a few weeks of mid-60s and mid-70s weather in Ljubljana, the air is getting that heavy feeling–though it’s only still on the mid-70s. That means we’re on the upswing, fully into spring and getting toward summer!

This reminds me of my first visit to Ljubljana, back in 2009. The sun was shining, and it was humid and sweltering. With sunglasses and a water bottle, I ventured out from Pionirski Dom, the student dorm where I was staying, into the city. On every street corner, ice cream stands selling a cone for one euro greeted me.

Yesterday, I realized, those ice cream stands are creeping back. Banished for the winter, they are slowly reappearing. Exhibit A: On my way to pick up Chinese food for dinner for my roommate Meleah, her friend, and me, I realized I needed to go to the ATM. The usual ATM stand was closed because it was a Sunday, so I walked to the next closest one I knew, just five minutes away. It wasn’t my bank’s ATM, I ralized, and scowled, before realizing that I was already halfway into the center of Ljubljana. Just five more minutes of walking would get me to my own bank’s ATM, so off I went… and found the ice cream cart.

Thirty minutes, one lemon-flavored ice cream cone, and a few cute puppies later (they were begging to be petted, I swear), I finally meandered back to the Chinese restaurant with my money to pick up the food… and returned home more than an hour later. Side note: the Chinese restaurant is less than five minutes from our apartment.

Additional Side Note: If I ever offer to spot you the money when I pick something up so you can pay me back later, make sure I actually have the money on me. Otherwise I am not responsible for ice cream and puppies that may delay my return.

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