Crazy for Cupcakes

Over on my side of the Atlantic, the UK’s Daily Mail reports that police are on the hunt for a crazed mother in South Wales who attacked the owner of a sweets shop because they were out of her favorite dessert: the sweet tooth fairy cupcake.

“Her reaction was so swift and dramatic,” the Daily Mail reported, “she did not even give staff time to tell her they could simply bake a fresh batch.”

How much was her rage worth? So far tallies have been up around £400, or roughly $680. For perspective, the sweet tooth fairy cupcake costs £2.20, or around $3.74. As you can see, it was definitely worth the rage.

“I managed to tear myself free before the woman started smashing glass display units and spilling cakes all over the floor,” the owner told the Daily Mail. “I’ve never seen anything like it. You expect a certain amount of risk owning a bar or a pub but not in a cupcake shop.”

This is an excerpt from my weekly column published in the Stonebridge Press and Villager Newspapers this week.

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