Update on Oreos

So, in reference to my latest blog post on recently discovering Oreos in local Ljubljana grocery stores, my cousin says they are new here. Apparently they’ve only been around for a few months.

“How long has the Oreo been around in the U.S.?” I was asked.

“Gosh, as long as I can remember,” I said in response. But how accurate was my memory? And, technically, having been born in the ’80s, my memory doesn’t stretch that far back. So I set about today to find out some interesting Oreos stats:

– They were first created in 1912.

– More than 491 billion Oreos have been sold since then!

– That makes them the best-selling cookie of the 20th century. (Thanks, Wikipedia, for that gem).

So, the upshot is that Oreos existed for almost 100 years before the marketing campaign started in Slovenia.

Final fact about Oreos: while I think they’re fun, I still don’t really like them.

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