Taylor Swift in Kočevje

About a week ago, I headed to Kočevje to visit my cousin for the weekend, and we went to a few different bars for tea and kuhano vino (mulled wine), and I was (starting) to speak Slovenian with everyone. I was terrible but sort of holding my own, and my poor cousin was my living dictionary when there were words I didn’t know, but it’s a start…

Taylor Swift's Picture to Burn! From: images.sodahead.com.

Anyways, fast forward to later in the evening, when we decided to leave the place we’d been. (We had been sitting out in the cold for a while. Smoking is banned inside like in the U.S., but instead of not smoking, a lot of people go outside, where cafes and bars provide blankets for your lap so you can sit all bundled up and have your drinks). So we went to a new place, Big Star, a lively bar where they played music and people were kind of dancing around.

They played some American music (it always creeps in), and a favorite over here seems to be covers of current pop songs (pop rock only–no R&B, country, hip hop, etc.). And, of course, there were mostly Slovenian, Croatian, and Serbian songs. I really like Slovenian music, but I don’t know a lot of songs, and the beat is so different than stuff I listen to in the U.S. , so I’m never quite sure how to dance to it or sing along…

Anyways, it must have shown that I wasn’t quite singing along because all of a sudden, I heard a familiar banjo noise… and a voice coming over the loudspeaker, announcing that the next song was for the American visitor. And then a light country twang: “State the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasy…”

Yes, my cousin’s husband had requested Taylor Swift for me.


Clearly no one else knew the words, but I couldn’t help it… I started to belt it out. It became quickly apparent who the American was. State the obvious indeed.

A few days later, my cousin e-mailed to tell me she’d heard the same song (“Picture to Burn”) on the radio. Maybe she hadn’t noticed it till she’d heard it at Big Star, though might have been played before, but there it was. And there was a very real chance I’d brought Taylor Swift to Kočevje. Considering it was released in 2008, I’d like to think that if, indeed, it was playing, that I am responsible.

And now one of my major guilty pleasures comes to light: bad pop music. :-D

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