Today marked my second day of class in the intensive winter language school at the Centre for Slovene. This time, it’s being held at the Filozfska Fakulteta (Philosophy Faculty, which includes the humanities, arts, and language departments). Each time I go to class, it seems, I need to figure out where I’m going. My fall class was held at Pionirski Dom, and my summer class back in 2009 was held at Dom Poljane. At least I’d visited the Filozfska Fakulteta before, so I didn’t have to wander in circles around it like I did with Pionirski Dom back in October…

Slovenian class is always so much fun because you never know who will end up in your class. I’ve met so many interesting international students, all of whom have great stories to share, usually. I don’t know if I’ll end up as close to this group, though, since it’s only for two weeks. But, so far, these are the nationalities represented in my class alone:

– Americans (another girl from L.A. and me)

– German

– Japanese

– Kazakhstani

– Dutch

– British

There are 38 students from 29 different countries in the program as a whole, I think.

Today, the other American girl brought oatmeal cookies to class. Mmmm. Here’s to hoping I can straighten out all those sklon in my head during these two weeks before I start the 12-week course for the spring in mid-February…

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