Going to the movies at Kolosej!

I’ve had a big week of movies. Well, I’ve seen three this week, though one was at home (It’s Complicated, which I saw last year and loved, but re-watched with my roommate so she could understand how great it is).

In any case, I finally saw Harry Potter 7.1 (why oh why did they split this one in two? I get that it’s a really, really long story, but it’s just torture to have to wait months for the next and final installment in the series). I was impressed, and we went on Tuesday, which is discount day, making the tickets just over 4 euros, which is a great deal compared to the nightly price of $10 or $12 or whatever it is now at the movie theaters back home. It made me so happy that I even bought a bag of sour candy and  had a tea with my friends in the cafe before heading into the theater!

Then there was Life as We Know It, a sappy little rom-com that I saw with my friend Sarah, who is visiting this week from Brazil. A fun little jaunt to Kolosej, the major movie theater in Ljubljana (for Hollywood and other major releases).

Last week, I also saw The Tourist, which was awful. How on earth did Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie get nominated for Golden Globes for their roles?

In any case, here is my major confusion with the movies: I have no idea when they’re coming out. For example, the Harry Potter movie came out here in Slovenia (November 18) nearly at the same time as it did in the U.S. (November 15).  But Black Swan–which started making the rounds at film festivals in the U.S. back on September 5 and was formally resleased to movie theaters on December 17–will not arrive in Slovenia until January 27.

It is impossible to predict how long it will take a major Hollywood release to get to the movies because there appears to be no logic whatsoever, at least that I can discern. But in the next few weeks I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing Black Swan and the King’s Speech, which is being released here on February 3.

Hopefully I can catch up on my movies in time to know what is even happening with awards season… but while I truly do enjoy watching the Academy Awards (and all the fabulously awkward presenter moments), I don’t think I’ll stay up till all hours of the night (ah, Central European Time). I’ll just be happy to know who the nominees and winners are, and to have seen the movies this year.

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