Oh, my gosh, so much going on!

A list of things that have been going on–so many, so many things!

1. Last Sunday, my roommate, Meleah, and I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for three of my family members, and three of our good friends, none of whom were Americans… so it was their first Thanksgiving! We worked really hard to make it come together. It took nearly four weeks–and far more money than I care to mention–to pull it together, but this was our menu:

-squash soup, homemade crescent rolls made by Meleah to start, along with a salad I threw together

-sweet potato casserole (ugh, the saga of sweet potatoes–so rare here!), scalloped potatoes with real cheddar cheese (another rare find), and stuffing with chestnuts (which are a dime a dozen, almost literally), which I cooked using my mother’s yummy recipies, and green beans prepared by Meleah, and two tiny turkeys (didn’t sell big ones) for around 30 euros each–eek! The turkeys were a joint effort–we kind of both put them together, with Meleah doing a bit more of the putting together work, and I carved them with an incredibly small and dull knife. Hey, we used what we had. Funniest discovery: a pot-holder, which I found this weekend, which had been sitting in our kitchen since we moved in, in October… sigh. I caught a dish towel on fire for nothing. At least I didn’t burn anything down. This is starting to turn into a traveling trend

-cheesecake, pumpkin pie (made from a real pumpkin!), brownies, apple pie, and cookies for dessert!

-plus some homemade apple juice, wine, and champagne.

It was a good night, and I was so happy that all six of our guests were so generous in that they ate everything they were given and even said nice things to us, too. Fun!

2. On real Thanksgiving, Meleah and I heated up leftovers and attended an interesting–but very cool–concert of old Partisan songs. My personal favorite: the song they sang in Spanish, which I could understand the best ;)

3. Then, on real Thanksgiving, because we apparently didn’t have enough food in the house, Meleah gave in and helped me eat a cool pita. From McDonald’s. I know, cringe. If we were in America, I would have hated my life. But a cool pita is a raspberry-filled pie, heated up with two dollops of soft-serve vanilla on the side, garnished with raspberry sauce! It’s goooooood. That’s all I have to say.

4. On Friday, Ljubljana got its frist snow: prvi sneg! It started when I was at Pionirski Dom (school), and I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement… sneg, sneg, sneg! (sneg=snow). Then, seeing that the weather forecast had snow coming at us for 10 days straight–and indeed, it’s snowing as I write–I broke down and bought snow boots, a scarf, and a hat, seeing as the only thing I thought I’d need were gloves. Gah, packing in a hurry after defending my MFA thesis. At least I had the foresight to bring a winter jacket, no?

5. Meleah then called and said: “Let’s go to the castle!” So, in the snow–but before I bought snow boots–we hiked up the hill to the Ljubljana castle, which overlooks the city. We were the only ones crazy enough to be out and about in the courtyard. I’d never been to the castle, and Meleah hadn’t seen too much snow before, being from Seattle. So its charm hasn’t worn off yet. I give it till January before it does. haha.

So we built miniature snowmen, and I had a few extra Bic pens in my school bag which we used for arms, and I used a felt-tip marker I had to draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Some videographers were walking by, taking images of the snowy castle, when they saw us, and began taping us. Ha! They even asked us to throw snowballs at their camera, for one of their shots. Wonder what that’ll be used for?

Then we went into the catle chapel for a bit, before heading into the cafe to drink hot chocolate and coffee… and to also eat raspberry pie. Gosh, these raspberry pies…

6. Then last night, I celebrated my third Thanksgiving–apparently being away from home has made me more of a Thanksgiving-enthusiast than ever!

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